Chocolate and wine have such strong ties to one another. Both embody the mysterious and sensual side of food, with complex flavors and exotic origins. They also both require time and care in their preparation, with perfect timing and ingredients required, which leads to a veritably endless array of flavor outcomes.

                  In recent history, chocolate has certainly elevated itself to be talked about in the circles of ‘fine dining’ aficionados; with consideration to its location of origin and even the breed of cacao tree is comes from. The days of simple ‘milk chocolate’ and ‘dark chocolate’ have given way to single origin bars, truffles infused with exotic spices, and hot chocolates that go far beyond a ‘winter treat’.

Jake’s Wine Bar has been a local staple to the community, making fine wine and amazing food accessible to everyone. Nestled in Hillcrest, Jake’s is family owned and operated with a wonderful atmosphere and delicious foods which pair with cheese, fruit and now… chocolate.

                  Dallmann’s Fine Chocolate has recently been added to the menu to pair with five of their fine wines, which is sure to make wine and chocolate lovers especially happy! Now two great things can be found under one roof, even if Dallmann’s isn’t having a wine and chocolate night. Check them out and see what truffles they’ve chosen to pair with their wines. The selection may surprise you!