Happy Birthday Mozart!


Whether you like classical music or not, you’ve probably heard of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Born on January 27, 1756 in Salzburg, Austria, he has a historical and musical legacy that is rivaled by few others. Even if you aren’t into the history, his music continues to find its place in contemporary society, with numerous books, documentaries, and even tribute music and remixes. He was the subject of the 1984, multiple award winning, movie (aptly named) Amadeus, and subsequently the focus of the 1985, chart topping hit “Rock me Amadeus” by the Austrian band, Falco.


Music, books, and movies aren’t the only arenas that has Mozart as a persistent lead subject. He also has a range of confections that bear his name and commemorate his music and travels. Two such confections which are closely related to one another are the “Mozart Travel Cake” and “Mozartkugel”. Both feature the flavors of pistachio marzipan and hazelnut, and are very tasty!


Mozartkugel is found all over Austria, though there are only a few companies which produce and sell it outside its native country. Dallmann is one of the companies which makes a traditional Mozartkugel here in the United States, and has them available in a variety of sizes.


Over the years there has been controversy over what makes a real Mozartkugel, and which companies are allowed to use the name. Mass produced Mozartkugels bear a red and gold wrapper and are almost always machine made and have one flat side. Blue and silver wrappers indicate Mozartkugels which are made with the original recipe. Dallmann is one of the few producers of this delicious confection that uses the original recipe and has them for sale locally in San Diego. We can also ship them from our website.


During January, there will be limited Mozartkugel tastings available at both our locations, so come in and try them out!


Mozart is considered to be a musical genius and enjoyed “rock star” status during his life. Despite this, his financial situation was precarious at best and when he died at the age of 35, December 5, 1791, he was nearly broke. However, his musical notoriety continued well into the nineteenth century and still endures today. Just pop Mozart into your Google search to find a cyber-adventure that spans everything from candy to couture clothing and more!