Chocolate Tasting
  What is there to do on date night? Go to a movie? Go out to dinner? Walk the beach? How about doing something that is as romantic as it is unique? Chocolate pairing nights that go far beyond the classic 'Chocolate and Wine' can be found right here, in downtown!
     Dallmann Fine Chocolate offers some of the most interesting pairing nights at their downtown location in San Diego. From the classic Wine and Chocolate, to the savory Cheese and Chocolate, and even the adventurous Scotch and Chocolate- these all offer the perfect date night for the San Diego local, or visitor. Since the tastings occur several times each month, fitting your taste and schedule can be easy. 
     Located in The Headquarters, Sea Port District, these pairing nights are personally led by the Master Chocolatier, Certified Sommelier, or by one of the charismatic chocolate enthusiasts at the shop- depending on the specific pairings involved. The location is magical, with a spiral staircase that whisks visitors up to the private tasting room. The room is both historical and intimate, with original windows from its days as the Police Headquarters and exposed pipe decor. With a maximum of only twenty-give people per tasting, each event is very exclusive and memorable. No big-box dining experience here!
     Tastings are also very interactive. Rather than just peruse the selections offered blindly, you are led from pairing to pairing with information that make this date night as educational as it is delicious. In the case of wine, you learn where it is from, what makes it a good wine, why it pairs so well with the chocolate. Likewise, you learn about the chocolate, what makes it "fine", where it comes from and how that plays into the pairing as well. These are all things which you can take with you to help you with your own pairings in the future- be it with chocolate or any of the delicious things paired with it. 
     Dinner and a movie is always fun, but chocolate pairing nights are truly special. Make your next date night one to really remember at Dallmann Fine Chocolates! There is nothing else quite like it.