One of the constant comments we get from dark chocolate lovers that come to our stores is, “What’s the darkest you have?” The answer to which, until recently, was a deliciously respectable 72% that hailed from Ecuador.  But with more and more customers desiring even purer options, we decided to take the plunge with the latest addition from our kitchen, just in time for the New Year; the Maracaibo Dark Chocolate Bar.


                  Unlike our 72% dark chocolate bar from Ecuador, The Maracaibo Dark Chocolate Bar originates from Venezuela. We have two other bars from this region, the Maracaibo Classificado, which is a 60% dark chocolate, and another which is a 38% milk chocolate.


                  The Maracaibo is harvested in the Sur del Lago region of the country, and is made with beans from the Noble Cacao. Considered to be far less bitter and less acidic than its Arriba cousin from Ecuador, our 88% Maracaibo has an intense roasted flavor that is reminiscent of both coffee and black tea. This is what Felchlin, one of the leading chocolate distributors in the world, had to say about the 88% Cru Couverture, which is what we use to make this delicious new bar:


“The high percentage of cacao provides Maracaibo 88% with an intensive flavour experience. The strong cacao taste is pleasantly supplemented through a licorice note which then transfers into a roasted coffee flavour rounded by a hint of prune. A black tea note accompanies the slow and intensive finish.”


                  If you’re a dark chocolate fan and would like something new to tickle your taste buds, this bar should really be on your radar. It’s dark… really dark, but triumphs where many other dark chocolate bars have fallen short. Despite its lack of sugar and milk, the Maracaibo Dark Chocolate Bar is smooth, deep, and robust without being overtly bitter or acidic. A new favorite for some who have already tried it!

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