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Vegan Chocolate

Vegan Chocolate by Dallmann. One of the best moments of being a vegan is the moment you realize that chocolate comes from a plant. Giving up meat is one thing, but to give up chocolate would be a sin against the taste bud!

Curious if all chocolate is vegan-friendly? The answer is sadly, no. That’s because the process that goes into turning that plant into a mouthwatering treat usually involves adding a variety of extra ingredients. These include sugar and either milk or milk fat. The best chocolates in the world are those that have a much higher chocolate content and use purer, simple ingredients. It means that the better the chocolate, the more likely that it is to be vegan. 

So fear not, besides offering you deliciuos 100% organic vegan chocolate to buy and excite the taste-buds, we've also put together a vegan chocolate tip guide so you know what to look for next time you are at the store. Enjoy!

Types of Vegan Chocolate

If you’re a chocolate connoisseur, then you probably believe that milk chocolate is a crime against chocolate! While dark chocolate is far more likely to be vegan-friendly, the fact is that the most popular dark chocolate brands on the market are not. That’s because they tend to be bulked up with additional ingredients like milk products or whey. So make sure to double-check your dark chocolate ingredients. Milk chocolate usually has milk added (obviously), making it decidedly not suitable for vegans. Some milk chocolate types are available for vegans, where the dairy milk is replaced with almond or rice milk, and this should be clearly labeled. As a rule, milk chocolate is not traditionally vegan-friendly.

A Word about White Chocolate

Technically, white chocolate isn’t even chocolate at all! That’s because it doesn’t have any cocoa solids involved in the making of it. For vegans with a taste for white chocolate, not all of the treats on the market contain dairy products. It’s always worth having a quick look at the ingredients when you set out to buy vegan chocolate.

Buying Vegan Chocolate

The challenge for buying pure vegan chocolate is that dairy products can have a variety of confusing names and labels. Just because the ingredients list doesn’t contain the word ‘milk’ that doesn’t mean that it is vegan-friendly. Look out for:

  • - Milk derivatives like whey, lactose, or casein
  • - Some ingredients lists will not include milk, but the allergy statement might say ‘contains milk,’ so it’s worth having a thorough read before you buy vegan chocolate
  • - Always check for a cholesterol count as vegan chocolatewill have 0%, and anything higher than that will mean that there are animal products in the chocolate


If you spot the words ‘cocoa butter’ on your ingredients list, don’t assume that this is dairy-related. What is cocao butter? Cocoa butter is actually vegan because it is made from the cocoa bean itself (and it’s the reason why good chocolate melts so wonderfully in your mouth!). 

Whether you’re dreaming of the BEST Organic Vegan Chocolate Truffles or you’re hunting down an amazing Birthday or Valentines gift for your vegan loved ones, good chocolate is sophisticated and seductive. Make sure that you check the truffle ingredients before you buy your vegan chocolate, and remember to get yourself a little sample as well. Even if you’re not a vegan, the chocolates that are best for vegans are among some of the best in the world and have never been easier to find.

Ingredients for Dallmann's Vegan Chocolates:

  • - A blend of dates
  • - Coconut
  • - Coco powder
  • - Peanut butter
  • - And of course encased in dark chocolate.

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