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Best Christmas Chocolate Gifts - Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes

Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes for Christmas

The holidays are rushing at us, so it’s time to start making your gift list! But don’t worry about that one person who is so difficult to buy for because we have the PERFECT gift.
A Holiday Chocolate Gift Box is the perfect way to show someone how much you care this holiday season. With Dallmann’s finest chocolates expertly blended with flavors that showcase the best of the holidays, you’re guaranteed to be a top gift giver this year.



What’s Inside Each Christmas Box of Chocolates?

Inside every Holiday Chocolate Gift Box is an elegant and exquisite assorted chocolates. Our 25-piece gift boxes are compiled with a mouth-watering assortment of our finest chocolate, think milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and chocolate truffles wrapped in some of the finest flavor explosions you can imagine.
Every piece has been crafted to echo some of the most classic Christmas flavors. Caramel apple, eggnog, pumpkin, candy cane, and amaretto are a few of the seasonal holiday chocolate flavors that will bring the holidays to life for anyone on your gift list.
Want to build your own gourmet chocolate box? No problem! One of our most popular gift ideas is our Build Your Own Box. Pick from an assortment of all our chocolate flavors or build a box with your most favorite flavor if you are a returning chocolate lover.
Our Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes are always filled with silky-smooth drops of chocolate deliciousness that will impress any chocolate lover. And each piece is delicately made by our chocolatiers using only the finest ingredients resulting in a delightful Christmas treat.



Why Chocolates for Christmas Gifts? 

Chocolate and Christmas go hand-in-hand, and everyone loves a phenomenal piece of chocolate. Add in flavors like mocha and peppermint you’ll welcome someone to the holiday spirit.
Give a Holiday Chocolate Gift Box and you’ll be giving an age-old holiday tradition that expresses love and joy and that tastes exquisite. Chocolate is part of the Christmas celebration. Whether you’re giving the gift of Christmas chocolate to a loved one, a friend, or as a secret Santa gift, your box will be joyously received.


A Christmas Box of Chocolates: The Perfect Holiday Gift

Whether you are looking to show your gratitude for someone this holiday season or are just hoping to put a smile on someone’s face, there is no better way to do it than with a box of seasonal holiday chocolate, think milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or our famous award-winning sea salt caramel chocolate truffle. From the various flavors that perfectly encapsulate the very best of the holidays to the elegant presentation of our Christmas chocolate boxes, you’ll be giving the perfect gift for anyone on your gift list.
And bonus - sending a box of delightful chocolate gifts has never been easier. Simply place your order and your Holiday Chocolate Gift Box will be crafted and delivered with care. Each of our chocolates is packaged within a Styrofoam box protecting the chocolate from the elements thus ensuring to arrive in perfect condition for the holidays.
With a Holiday Chocolate Gift Box, you’ll bring holiday happiness through the alluring seasonal chocolate flavors that Dallmann’s is known for.