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Chocolate Master Classes

If you have a strong passion for chocolates and feel that the time is ripe for you to learn the skills of making delicious chocolates then Dallmann Confections has just the right training program for you. Just enroll for the program and you get introduced to the mysterious world of chocolates.

You too can be a chocolatier:

The art of learning how to make artisan chocolates is not unthinkable.
At Dallmann Confections, third generation chocolatier Isabella Knack will teach you everything you need to know about making high end, artisan chocolates.  You will learn the theory and the practical skills of chocolate making so you too can create master pieces at home or start your own venture.

Here is what you will learn in Level 1:

- the origins of chocolate
- cocoa varieties
- bean to bar process
- chocolate making equipment
- how to correctly taste chocolate
- chocolate tempering techniques
- preparation of fillings
- the use of chocolate moulds
- how to enrobe chocolates


Here is wat you will learn in Level 2:

- the use of chocolate transfers and texture sheets
- Spray-painting chocolate with Airbrush and compressor
- Finger painting techniques
- Creating multi layered ganaches
- Increasing shelf life of chocolate truffles
- how to make caramel
- packaging chocolate
- storing chocolate


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