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Dallmann Confections : Gourmet Dark Chocolate

There is no other food as mysterious and delicious as chocolate is. It is not a  surprise that you would seldom come across an individual who has not tasted chocolate and fallen in love with it. At Dallmann Confections we are well aware of the love and passion that people around the world have for chocolates. And we take care that the finest and the most original ingredients are used in the preparation of our confections. Our chocolates are well known all over the world for their taste and economical prices.

Gourmet Chocolates Truffles

If you are looking for special or custom orders we are certainly able to full fill your needs depending upon your unique requirements. Our gourmet chocolates truffles and dark chocolates truffles make a fine and unique gift for loved ones, corporate clients, private parties or employees. We can easily customize the chocolates based upon your specific needs. We can put any design or logo in edible form on the chocolate and leave a lasting impression.We are also able to print your custom artwork and logo on our packaging.
At Dallmann Confections we have a long tradition of making chocolates for everyone who has an appreciation for fine food.



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