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Chocolate Bars: A Chocolate Lover's Dream by Dallmann

It's one thing to eat a basic chocolate bar, but it's a whole new experience to savor the enjoyment of a Dallmann artisan chocolate bar. Inspired by the complexity of chocolate and combined with our years of experience crafting only the finest chocolate flavors, you get the best chocolate bars in the US. There are many types of chocolate bars available to buy, but it's hard to beat our range of artisanal, complex, and unique chocolate bars that are loaded with only the best flavors and the freshest ingredients. 


How to Eat A Chocolate Candy Bar

Most people grab a bar of chocolate as a snack and gulp it down without paying much attention to it. For connoisseurs of chocolate, that's not acceptable! When you buy a Dallmann chocolate bar, whether it's the Dark Chocolate Fleur de Sel Chocolate Bar, the Goji Berry & Pink Himalayan Salt Chocolate Bar, or any of our other unique chocolate bar offerings, you’re going to want the full experience. 

Think about how you taste wine. Tasting chocolate is very similar and requires the same level of focus. Don't assume that all you need to know about the chocolate bar is the flavor. There's a lot more to enjoy if you use all of your senses. You don't have to overthink it, but slowing down and appreciating the quality of your chocolate bar will greatly improve your experience of it. Consider the following: 

The Appearance: Is the chocolate bar shiny and glossy? The color is an indicator of the bar’s condition. The coloring and texture should be the same. If the color has dullness or grayish spots, this means it might not have been stored in the correct temperature. You can still eat chocolate, but it might not be as tasty.

Break It: Next, break apart the chocolate bar and watch how it breaks. If it crumbles, then that's a sign that the bar has either not been stored correctly or not tempered in the right way. 

Hold the Bar: Hold the chocolate bar in your hand for s second or two. An artisan chocolate bar will contain cocoa butter, and that can melt very easily, even at body temperature. Mainstream chocolate bars are going to flake and crumble quickly, resulting in a very sticky mess. This is caused by removing the cocoa butter and replacing it with cheaper, inferior fats. 

Smell: Like with wine, you should get a strong sense of the aroma of your chocolate bar. Can you smell the berries, the citrus, lavender, or the bacon and applewood? Hold the chocolate bar in your hand so that it starts to get warm and get your nose in as close as you can to appreciate those aromas. 

Put a Piece on your Tongue: Don't start chewing quite yet. Let the chocolate melt onto your tongue, and you'll find that different layers of chocolate have different flavors. Some will be more earthy, while others will have a more roasted flavor. 

Chewing: Finally, you can start to release the full flavor of your artisan chocolate. Of course, you don't have to follow this entire process every time that you want a chocolate bar. However, if you're treating yourself to a Dallmann chocolate bar, then getting every subtle pleasure from it is easy, fun, and a true taste-bud experience.



What Drinks Are Best with Your Chocolate Bar?

Do you wonder what drink goes best with your chocolate bar?  Many chocolate connoisseurs will limit their drinks to water only, especially when it comes to tasting dark chocolate, but for those who want something a little tastier, there are some drinks that go very well with different types of chocolate bars. 

White Chocolate Bars: White chocolate is great with whiskey because the chocolate bar will soften the harshness of the spirit. Smoked whiskeys, in particular, will dramatically reduce the often excessive sweetness of white chocolate bars. A good alternative to whiskey is any sweet wines, especially Sauternes from Bordeaux.

Milk Chocolate Bars: The tannins in a bottle of Zinfandel are ideally suited to painting with chocolate, as are any wines made from Merlot grapes. Merlot is a particularly good pairing with milk chocolate because a Merlot will often have a cacao note so that you get a tasty harmony with your chocolate bar. If you're after something a little less alcoholic, then black Lapsang Souchong tea is a great choice for your chocolate bar thanks to its complex notes of smoked conifer wood.

Dark Chocolate Bars: Ideally, a glass of port or a dark Merlot is the best choice for your dark chocolate bars. This is known as a classic pairing, but it's not your only option. Also, try your dark chocolate with either a Recioto or Amarone Della Valpolicella Italian wine.


About the Dallmann Fine Chocolates Family

Dallmann Fine Chocolates has a long and rich history producing the best chocolate bars in San Diego, but don't just take our word for it. Dallmann was voted as one of the TOP best San Diego chocolate companies by Kev's Best, voted one of the best chocolatiers in San Diego by Red Tricycle, and rated one of the best places to eat chocolates in San Diego by Eater San Diego. Our history is embedded in creating our rich chocolate and patisserie, and we use that to bring you the very best flavors and delights.