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Mozart Kugeln - Mozart Chocolate

What is Mozartkugel?

Mozartkugel, also referred to as Mozartkugeln, is an Austrian chocolate that is an absolute pleasure to devour and an incomparable treat for your taste buds.Austria has some delectable sweet treats, but nothing quite compares to this classic; and most famous Austrian chocolate candy commonly called Mozart Balls. This Austrian specialty was created in 1890 in Mozart’s birthplace of Salzburg by Paul Fürst. Unfortunately, Mozartkugel was created 100 years after Mozart’s death, which means the musical genius never had the chance to try the incredible delights that are his namesake.

Other than Mozartkugeln and Mozart Balls, you may hear the chocolate treats called Mozart-Bonbons or Mozart Chocolate. Mozartkugel is a small chocolatey nougat ball, which can quickly become your new chocolate obsession. While there are variations, traditional Mozartkugel is an exquisite delight. Here at Dallmann we use the best ingredients, the finished Mozartkugel is a unique taste experience.Though challenging to make, our Mozartkugel is simply one of the highest quality indulgences that you’ll ever taste.

Inside the Mozartkugel:What Mozart Chocolate is made of

A traditional Mozartkugel is made by taking a ball of pistachio marzipan and covering it in a layer of nougat made from pistachios, hazelnuts, and almonds (Yum!). Then the ball is attached to a wooden stick and gently dipped into the finest dark chocolate. Once the chocolate has hardened, the stick is removed, and the hole that is left is stuffed full of extra chocolate coating. The end result is mouth-watering and a real taste of Austrian confectionery perfection.

Where to Buy Mozartkugel: Online

The original Mozartkugel recipes are still used throughout Austria, around the world, and here at Dallmann Fine Chocolates. The concept of using sweet concentric layers was very innovative in the late 1800s, and Mozartkugel was an outstanding success that has withstood the test of time. Paul Fürst’s the original confectionery still createsMozartkugel, however, they don’t ship to the U.S. or Japan. Here at Dallmann you can buy the perfect Mozart candy directly online with the traditional receipe and techniques still used.

Pairing Your Mozart Chocolate

The best Mozartkugel matches perfectly with a good, blended coffee. Whether you’re going for a sweet afternoon treat or something to finish off the perfect meal, our traditional Austrian Mozartkugel, which is filled with a fine blend of hazelnut and pistachio marzipan and coated with glossy chocolate, is one of the best ways to ever treat your taste buds. Enjoy!