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Chocolate Pairing Boxes by Dallmann

#1 Chocolate Pairing Box: Wine and Chocolate Pairing 

If you’ve ever been to a wine tasting, you’ll be familiar with the concept of various layers of flavors that a particular wine can have. You likely learned there are certain foods that can be paired with certain wines that bring out flavors and undertones for a more enjoyable wine tasting experience. One food stands out when it comes to wine pairing – chocolate!


When you find the perfect chocolate and wine, you’ll enjoy a depth of flavors that are elegant and enticing. The key is to have someone with the experience and knowledge about which wines pair well with which chocolates, thus guiding you in your chocolate and wine tasting journey.


The Wine Chocolate Box from Dallmann is assembled with varying chocolates that pair perfectly with wine so that you can enjoy that depth of flavors right from your own home.


3 Things You Didn’t Know About Pairing Wine and Chocolate

There is an art behind finding the perfect wine and chocolate pairings. It involves possessing a level of understanding about the process behind making both wine and chocolate. For instance, both the grapes used for wine and cocoa beans used for chocolate go through a fermentation process, which is one of the reasons their flavors pair so well.


Another thing you might not have known about chocolate is that, like some red wines, cocoa beans have a natural fruitiness to them. This means that they can pair nicely with fruitier wines.


Also, it’s important to note that chocolate, like wine, contains tannins (a naturally occurring compound that has a dryness characteristic). Tannin-heavy darker chocolates will not go well with wines that are similarly heavy in tannins. The result would be an overwhelming abundance of tannins that is unpleasant to the palate. So, when you’re pairing your dark chocolate, make sure you include a light red wine to reduce a drying mouth sensation.


3 Tips on How to Pair Chocolate with Wine

Once you understand a bit more about the relation in flavors of chocolates and wines, you’ll need to discover how to pair the two.


  1. A general rule is that lighter chocolates go better with white wines, while darker chocolates and red wines make for an elegant match.
  2. Sweetness should also be considered because a wine that isn’t sweet enough for the chocolate you are pairing it with will end up tasting sour.
  3. Determine what flavor profile you’d like from your wine choice. Once determined, the chocolate can manipulate the tasting notes of the wine.



Chocolate Tasting Events

If you’re interested in learning more about chocolate and wine pairing, consider a chocolate and wine tasting event with Dallmann. You and your friends can enjoy a virtual tasting event with a professional chocolatier who will guide you through our elegant Wine Chocolate Box piece by piece and sip by sip.


Click to inquire about chocolate tasting events today.



About the Dallmann Fine Chocolates Family              

Dallmann Fine Chocolates has a long and rich history producing the best chocolate in San Diego, but don't just take our word for it.


Dallmann was voted as one of the TOP best San Diego chocolate companies by Kev's Best, voted one of the best chocolatiers in San Diego by Red Tricycle, and rated one of the best places to eat chocolates in San Diego by Eater San Diego.


Our history is embedded in creating our rich chocolate and patisserie, and we use that to bring you the very best flavors and delights. From the smooth Ecuador truffle to the sweet rosewater caramel, our flavors are inspired by worldwide cuisine giving you the very best range of choices for your own gourmet chocolates. I hope you love my wine chocolate box as much as I did making it for you!