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Dallmann's Chocolates: A Valentine’s Day Tradition

Can you feel that love is in the air? It’s almost that time of year again, Valentine's Day, and did you know that the giving and receiving of Valentine's day chocolate has been a tradition since the 1840s when savvy businessman and chocolatier Richard Cadbury marketed elaborately decorated boxes of chocolates to give as gifts and then repurpose into love trinket boxes.

Valentine’s day itself has been around for many centuries, it was Chaucer who first wrote about the romantic holiday of St Valentine back in 1382, and what better way to celebrate the romantic season by giving the gift of delicious chocolate to your special someone?

Treat your special someone to a Valentine box of specialty Dallmann chocolates, perfect for indulging in during a quiet evening at home or impressing your significant other during a romantic date. 

There is no better way to say “I love you” to your significant other or special someone than with our beautifully decorated and personally picked box of handcrafted, award-winning chocolate. Choose one for your significant other this Valentine’s day.


Why Chocolate Remains the Best Valentine’s Gift

While we could give you a million and one reasons behind the meaning of chocolate on Valentine's day, the long tradition of chocolate giving isn’t new, and there are some pretty solid reasons why this sweet treat has become a stable romantic Valentine's chocolate gift.


The Gift Of Love

Did you know that chocolate is an aphrodisiac? Ever since the Aztecs discovered chocolate and made it into a delicious rich drink, chocolate has been considered an aphrodisiac, igniting warm feelings of love and passion. Traditionally, chocolate has been given by lovers from Kings and Queens, to Poets, and Actors, for centuries as an indulgent treat to get them in the mood.

Valentine's candy and chocolate taste a whole lot better than oysters too!


Chocolate And Emotions

Chocolate has been the traditional go-to gift for all kinds of reasons for centuries, and for good reason. Chocolate boosts the mood and can put a smile on everyone’s face. The mood-boosting properties of chocolate can alleviate negative feelings and bring a sense of warm love. 

From that box of apology chocolate, that “thank-you” box, and of course the “I love you” box, giving chocolate as a gift makes you feel good, and it makes your significant other feel good too.


It’s Good For Your Heart

Chocolate makes your heart feel warm, right? Well, it also helps your heart too! Dark chocolate especially is packed full of antioxidants that have been scientifically proven to help lower blood pressure and even help to boost brain function. Chocolate also contains other ingredients such as stimulating caffeine, giving your loved one that little pep to keep them up late into the night.

Giving chocolate as a gift is good for your loved one, both emotionally and physically.


Build Your Custom Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Box

When it comes to giving the gift of chocolate for Valentine’s day, there’s no better way than to give a custom box of Dallmann chocolate to your loved one. 

You can choose from a wide range of Valentine's day chocolate flavors, from our more traditional flavors such as dark chocolates, spicey caramel, and marzipan, to the more exotic picks like coconut curry, hibiscus raspberry, and lemon and thyme. If you want to fill your box with romantic favorites, the heart-shaped rosewater caramel is a great choice, and why not mix it up with indulgent vanilla flavor and a few of our favorite amaretto chocolate truffles to really show your loved one how special they are.

If you’re not sure what flavors your date will love, we’ll be happy to help you choose. Our expert chocolate picker, Isabella, will be happy to pick you a random selection of her favorite Valentine's chocolates and our very best crowd-pleasers, so you know you’ll be getting a great set!


About the Dallmann Fine Chocolates Family

Dallmann Fine Chocolates has a long and rich history producing the best chocolate in San Diego, but don't just take our word for it.

Dallmann was voted as one of the TOP best San Diego chocolate companies by Kev's Best, voted one of the best chocolatiers in San Diego by Red Tricycle, and rated one of the best places to eat chocolates in San Diego by Eater San Diego.

Our history is embedded in creating our rich chocolate and patisserie, and we use that to bring you the absolute best flavors and delights.