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Chocolate Gift Boxes: My Top 5 Types of Chocolate Boxes You Can Gift

Chocolate is one of the best gifts that you can give. No matter the event, time of year, or recipient, chocolate is always appreciated. Loaded with endorphins and packed with beneficial minerals, it's no wonder that ancient civilizations called chocolate the food of the gods!


Gifting a box of chocolates has never been easier, and now you can choose from a variety of chocolate types to match the occasion. If you’re looking to treat someone to a box of chocolates, below are five delicious ideas to start you off.


Chocolate Tasting and Pairing Gift Boxes

On its own, chocolate is amazing. Pair it with something else, and it can transform into something heavenly. Tasting and pairing boxes are ideally suited to be given as a gift because they can be tailored to what the recipient enjoys. If you’re buying a box of chocolates for someone who loves beer, wine, cheese, scotch, or even tea, then a pairing gift box is an easy choice that will be thoroughly enjoyed.


Check out our five different chocolate pairing gift boxes:


    Exotic Chocolate Gift Boxes

    Never forget that chocolate doesn’t have to be plain. Some people think that there are only two types of chocolate to choose from dark chocolate and milk chocolate. But there are so many other amazing flavors! A gift box of exotic flavored chocolates is the ideal gift for those who enjoy trying the best things in life. Spice things up with a box of exotic chocolates and excite your taste buds with subtle hints of curry, bacon, lemongrass, and many other deliciously unusual and delightful flavors that work well with chocolate. With every reach into a box of delectable exotic chocolates, you may just be surprised to learn your new favorite exotic flavor.


    Thank You Chocolate Gift Boxes

    What better way to say thank you to someone than with a unique box of chocolates? Choose a traditional box that contains some of the best and most popular chocolates in the world. The recipes will strike that delightful combination of traditional chocolate making with modern techniques, culminating into some of the most luxurious treats for the taste buds that you can imagine. Chocolates are such a great way to say “thank you!”


    Christmas and Holiday Chocolate Gift Boxes

    The holiday season is as much about chocolate as it is about gifts! Combine the two best things about the holidays with a specialty Christmas box of chocolates. These incredibly flavor-packed chocolates come with a real taste of the festive season, with flavors including candy cane, eggnog, champagne, and many more. You might not want to leave any out for Santa because you’ll be tempted to eat them all yourself!


    Corporate Chocolate Gifts

    Whether you want to thank your suppliers for amazing service for the year or welcome a new client in the right way, you can’t go wrong with a box of chocolates. The elegant packaging adds that professional touch, and you can even add your company’s logo to the packaging to really give the box of chocolates that personalized feeling. 


    So whether you’re handing out your chocolate gift boxes to work colleagues or your boss, you’ll be giving them a slick and professional gift. And best yet, they’ll be getting a box filled with the best chocolates in the world. Corporate chocolate boxes can leave a strong lasting impression of deliciousness.


    Chocolate is the treat that everyone enjoys. Chocolate is good for your soul, tastes amazing, and comes in such a variety of flavors and styles that there is an option out there for everyone. If you’re looking for the perfect gift, no matter the occasion, you won’t ever go wrong with a box of chocolates as a gift from Dallmann Confections. In addition to my top five chocolate gift boxes, we also offer a variety of other types of chocolate gifts, such as chocolate bars, hot cocoa, custom made caramel sauces, chocolate kits & lessons, gift cards to let your recipient choose their own gift box and a variety of other chocolate boxes.



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